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Scammers Are Targeting WhatsApp Users


Phishing Alert WhatsApp users should be aware of a scam that's going around, designed to steal your bank account information. Here's how it works: You receive a text message that says your WhatsApp subscription is about to expire and you need to pay 99 cents to continue using it. The message contains a link for you to follow to enter your bank information. If you receive this text message, don't follow the link, and certainly don't provide any financial information. Block the number the message came from, and delete the message itself.

Also, keep in mind the following guidelines for spotting phony messages from scammers:
  • Messages from scammers often contain obvious spelling and grammar errors.

  • The messages often come via a communication method you wouldn't expect. For example, most apps communicate to users directly through the app, not through a text message.

  • The message may ask you to forward it on to friends to avoid paying the fee.

  • Scammers may ask for personal or financial information that you've already provided to the service they're claiming to be.
The tricky thing about this scam is that WhatsApp did used to be a paid service. However, it's been free since 2016. Don't be fooled into going back in time!
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