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How much does it cost to have SRT wire inside my business?

An SRT representatives can visit with you at your business to determine what kind of wiring is needed and provide a price quote.

Does SRT Long Distance bill for "conversation time" or do you include "ring time?"

SRT Long Distance bills you only for the "conversation time." This is determined by measuring the duration of your call from the time the called party answers to the time you hang up. We do not start charging you until someone or something (ex. answering machine, voice mail) picks up on the other end.

What advantages does SRT Long Distance offer over the bigger carriers?

SRT Long Distance offers:

  • Competitive rates
  • 6 second billing increments
  • One monthly bill
  • Local company with local customer service
  • 24 hour customer service to assist you after hours
Is there a fee if I switch to SRT Long Distance from another carrier?

There is a fee to switch long distance carriers, but SRT Long Distance covers that fee if you are switching to SRT Long Distance..

What are the advantages of paying business rates vs residential rates?

Business rates include a free white page as well as complimentary yellow page listing under the classification of your choice.