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Account & Billing

Do you offer telephone discounts to low-income customers?

Lifeline and Link-Up are federal programs offering telephone discounts to low-income consumers. Lifeline and Link-up

How much does it cost to have SRT wire inside my house?

SRT charges $59.00 per hour for labor. The minimum fee is $29.50 for 1/2 hour labor plus materials used to complete the job.

What are the billing increments for SRT Long Distance?

The billing increments are:

  • Outbound 1+
    • Residential = full minute increments
    • Business = 6 second increments
  • 800 Service
    • Residential = 6 second increments
    • Business = 6 second increments
  • Calling Card
    • Flat Rate calling card = full minute increments
    • Corporate calling card = full minute increments
Does SRT Long Distance bill for conversation time or do you include ring time?

SRT Long Distance bills you only for the conversation time. This is determined by measuring the duration of your call from the time the called party answers to the time you hang up. We do not start charging you until someone or something (ex. answering machine, voice mail) picks up on the other end.

Is there a fee if I switch to SRT Long Distance from another carrier?

There is a fee to switch long distance carriers, but SRT Long Distance covers that fee if you are switching to SRT Long Distance.