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TV Availability

Where does SRT provide Cable TV?

SRT provides Cable TV in the following communities: Antler, Berthold, Butte, Carpio, Deering, Des Lacs, Donnybrook, Granville, Karlsruhe, Maxbass, Metigoshe, Newburg, Sawyer, Sherwood, Tolley, Upham, Velva, and Westhope.

Where does SRT provide SRTVision?

SRTVision is available in these towns and rural areas with fiber optic cable: Berthold rural, Burlington rural, Carpio rural, Des Lacs rural, Deering rural, Donnybrook rural, Glenburn rural, Karlsruhe rural, Landa, Lansford rural, Martin, Mohall rural, Newburg rural, Rice Lake, Sawyer rural, Sherwood rural, South Prairie, Strawberry Lake, Surrey rural, Turtle Mountains (Metigoshe rural), Velva rural & Westhope rural.

Where does SRT provide Skitter TV?

Skitter TV is available to any SRT Internet customer with an 8 Mbps (or faster) service plan. To use Skitter TV, your Roku player or RokuTV must be connected to an SRT Internet service

Equipment & Programming

What is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?

A DVR or digital video recorder functions a lot like a VCR, except it uses a hard drive to record, as opposed to videotapes. This means that there aren't any tapes to cue, and there is more recording time available. Like VCRs, users of DVRs can record television shows by entering information such as channel, time, and date into a recording menu.

A DVR allows you to pause live television, rewind and replay programs or record your favorites all season long. With DVR, you're in control. You can record up to 60 hours of programming, or up to 10 hours of High Definition programming without rentals, tapes or returns.

How do I receive High Definition channels?

First you must have a High Definition TV and then a HD/DVR capable set top box in order to receive HD programming. You will need one HD/DVR set top receiver for each High Def TV in your household to have access to the HD programming.

How do I get information on programs?

You can access information by pressing the INFO button on your remote. While you are tuned to a program, press Info once for Instant Information or twice for complete information. Information includes program details like actors, ratings and a brief program synopsis. You can also set Reminders, place Parental Locks, and see other times the program is airing. To remove the Information Screen and return to watching television, press the EXIT button on the remote.

Is Pay-Per-View or Video-On-Demand an option?

Not at this time, however it may be an option in the future.

My remote is not working, what should I do?

Follow the steps below

  • Make sure there is no obstruction between the remote and the Digital Cable set top box.
  • Make sure the set top box is working by turning the power on from the front of the set top box. If the box powers on, troubleshoot the remote by doing the following:
    • Remote may not be in cable mode
      • Press CBL button on remote and press POWER button
    • Check your batteries
      • Press CBL button, if light flashes red, batteries are OK
      • If no red light, replace AA batteries
      • If batteries have been recently replaced make sure they are correctly inserted in remote
      • If the remote doesn't work after performing the above steps, you may need to replace the remote
How do I add Skitter TV to my Roku device?

Follow the steps below using the email you received when you subscribed to Skitter TV

  1. Create a Roku Account (unless you already have one)
  2. Log in to your account on the Roku Website
  3. Enter the link provided in the subscription confirmation email into your web browser
  4. Add the Skitter TV channel to Roku
  5. On your Roku, go to Settings -> System Update -> Check Now.
  6. The Skitter TV app should now be loaded on your Roku.
  7. If the Skitter TV app is not loaded, please reboot the Roku.
  8. Log in with your Account ID and PIN (also listed in your subscription confirmation email).
  9. Watch TV!

DVR Operation

Can I record Digital Music channels?

Yes, you can record and playback Digital Music. However, the playback controls on your remote (Pause, FF and REW) are not operational for recorded digital music.

Can I set the DVR to skip commercials as it is recording?

No. You can only fast forward through commercials if you're watching a previously recorded program.

Are my DVR recordings monitored or tracked by anyone?

No. What you choose to record with the DVR is private.

How do I get out of a screen I'm stuck in?

Press EXIT on your remote control to return to TV "last viewing" mode, or press the LAST key to back you out of the Interactive Guide, one menu at a time.

How do I return to live TV when I'm watching recorded programming?

Press the LIVE button on your remote.

How do you make the DVR record two programs at once?

You can set up two recordings using i-Guide by selecting two different programs listed with overlapping times and pressing theRecord button or by manually scheduling programs with overlapping times.

How long can I keep My DVR Recordings?

You can keep them as long as you want but the recording space is limited so you may need to delete some recorded programs in order to make room for new ones.

How will I know when I'm almost out of recording space?

An on-screen message will appear advising you when recording space is low (80% full) or full. You can also manually delete recordings and manage recording space from the recorded program's Information Screen.

Can I record a program in Dolby Digital 5.1 on my DVR from my Home Theater System?

As long as the program is being broadcast in digital audio, the DVR will record the digital audio portion. A Dolby Digital indicator will appear on the Flip Bar for programs that are broadcast in Dolby Audio.

If power was lost to my set top box and my TV Guide says "To Be Announced," what should I do?

If power was lost to the receiver, the TV Guide information needs time to reload. This process could take up to 1 hour to repopulate information.

If power is lost, will my settings for Parental Controls, Favorites, Reminders, Recordings or Locks be lost?

You will not lose this information since it is stored in the memory of your set top box.

How do I make sure I record everything if a program I am recording runs over its scheduled airtime such as when a football game goes into overtime?

Change the Record Options for the program by adjusting the start and end time for the recording to ensure the entire program is recorded.

Account and Billing

Does SRT offer a Vacation Rate for TV Service?

You do have some options if you plan to be away for a period of time: Call our office to place your service on Vacation Rate. You have the option of dropping off your set top box and not being billed or we will pick it up if requested (a charge applies). The other option is to leave the set top box in place and SRT will charge a rate of $12 per month.

What should I do if I decide to disconnect my TV Service?

Call SRT to disconnect your service. The customer service reps will direct you to drop off the set top box. Customers have until the following billing cycle to bring in the set top box. If not returned, a charge applies.