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The SRT fiber network is growing fast.  In many ways!  Find out if you have fiber in your area!

Available Now: Construction and connecting customers to the SRT fiber network is complete.  Have you test driven 300 Mbps Internet yet?  You can; you should.

  • Antler (City & Rural)
  • Berthold (Rural)
  • Butte (Rural)
  • Carpio (Rural)
  • Deering (Rural)
  • Des Lacs (Rural)
  • Donnybrook (Rural)
  • Glenburn (Rural)
  • Karlsruhe (Rural)
  • Landa (City & Rural)
  • Lansford (Rural)
  • Martin (City & Rural)
  • Maxbass (Rural)
  • Metigoshe (Excluding Lakeside)
  • Mohall (Rural)
  • Newburg (Rural)
  • Sawyer (Rural)
  • Sherwood (Rural)
  • South Prairie
  • Tolley (Rural)
  • Towner (Rural)
  • Upham (Rural)
  • Velva (Rural)
  • Westhope (Rural)


Actively Connecting Customers: Construction is done and now crews are visiting homes and businesses in this area to make the final connections to the SRT fiber network.

  • East Side Estates
  • Granville (Rural)
  • Logan (City & Rural)
  • Meadowbrook Addition


Under Construction: Crews are burying fiber optic lines up, down and under roads and to homes, while SRT technicians are connecting it all together.  This part takes time, patience and good weather.

  • Burlington Boys Ranch/Country Club Additions
  • Green Acres/Sorenson Addition
  • Rural North Minot
  • Ruthville


Construction Coming Soon: We are still in the planning stages to bring you fiber optic cable soon.  At this stage SRT may be contacting you to assess home and business installation needs as fiber routes are planned.

  • Metigoshe (Lakeside)
  • Minot AFB
  • Remaining Minot (Rural)
  • Velva (City)


On The List: We can’t wait to move your area into the Construction stage of work, but we know we have to.  Please bear with us as we “plow” through this project.

  • Berthold (City)
  • Burlington (City)
  • Butte (City)
  • Carpio (City)
  • Deering (City)
  • Des Lacs (City)
  • Donnybrook (City)
  • Glenburn (City)
  • Granville (City)
  • Karlsruhe (City)
  • Lansford (City)
  • Maxbass (City)
  • Minot (City)
  • Mohall (City)
  • Newburg (City)
  • Sawyer (City)
  • Sherwood (City)
  • Tolley (City)
  • Towner (City)
  • Upham (City)
  • Westhope (City)