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What is roaming?

It is the process of using your phone’s data outside your local coverage area. Roaming usually incurs extra charges. Additional Roaming Information.

Can I make long distance and 411 directory assistance calls?

Yes, from anywhere in the SRT Wireless service area. Simply dial as you would from your phone: 1 + area code + phone number for long distance calls, or 411 for directory assistance calls. There may be a fee for directory assistance calls.

When does the billing cycle begin and end?

The billing cycle begins at 12:00 AM on the 10th of each month and ends at 11:59 PM on the 9th of each month.

My signal strength is not as strong in certain areas; is there anything I can do to improve it?

SRT Connections offers several items which can increase the signal strength of your phone, including external antennas and hands-free kits. The options vary depending upon the phone model you use.

I'm moving out of the service area but have signed an agreement- what are my options?

If you choose to terminate prior to the end of your agreement, you will be responsible for the remaining amount due on your agreement.

My phone has been lost or stolen, what should I do?

Call customer service immediately at 858-1200 and report that your phone has been lost or stolen. A customer service representative will suspend your service to protect your account from fraudulent use. If your phone has been stolen call your local law enforcement agency to report.

What is Wireless Enhanced 911 or E911?

When someone using a wireless phone dials 911, the call is routed to local/county, fire and rescue departments, known as Public Safety Answering Points or PSAPs. E911 capability provides officials with the mobile telephone number and location of the 911 caller, helping them dispatch the proper emergency assistance.

What is a GPS-capable phone, and why is it important?

Handsets that are GPS (Global Positioning System) capable pass the signals from GPS satellites to local PSAPs to identify the location of 911 callers. The phone is not a stand alone GPS device. The handset alone does not support or initiate any kind of individual tracking capability. The location capability only becomes functional after dialing 911. This feature is not available from non-GPS capable phones.