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    SRTVision is available in these towns and rural areas with fiber optic cable: Antler, Berthold rural, Burlington rural, Carpio rural, Des Lacs rural, Deering rural, Donnybrook rural, Glenburn rural, Karlsruhe rural, Landa, Lansford rural, Martin, Mohall rural, Newburg rural, Rice Lake, Sawyer rural, Sherwood rural, South Prairie, Strawberry Lake, Surrey rural, Turtle Mountains (Metigoshe rural), Velva rural & Westhope rural. If SRTVision is not available in your town, please check out our Cable TV town listing.



    Monthly Price

    SRTVision Basic Package

    The most popular TV networks!/ Enjoy all 5 local broadcast channels in High Definition!

    Just the basics! - See full channel guide. 


    SRTVision Expanded Package

    A new TV experience / Over 100 TV and music channels!

    A little variety! - See full channel guide. 


    SRTVision Digital Package

    100% Digital / 200+ Digital channels - like a movie theater in your home!

    More movies & sports! - See full channel guide. 


    SRTVision HD Set Top Box Lease

    Enjoy HD channels and multi-room DVR so you can record and watch your shows on an additional TV.


    Watch SRT Cable TV in these communities: Berthold, Butte, Carpio, Deering, Des Lacs, Donnybrook, Granville, Karlsruhe, Maxbass, Metigoshe, Newburg, Sawyer, Sherwood, Tolley, Upham, Velva & Westhope.



    Monthly Price

    Cable TV Basic Package

    Local Channels! / Plus the Weather Channel and a Program Guide

    Local News & Sports! - See full channel guide. 


    Cable TV Expanded Package

    The Best Channels / Plus Weather, News, Movies, Sports & More!

    News, Movies & Sports! - See full channel guide. 


    Cable TV Digital

    Your Favorites in Digital/ Features i-Guide interactive programming guide and includes one set top box.

    MoreTV + Music! - See full channel guide. 


    Digital HD/DVR Cable

    Hi Definition + DVR / Pause & Rewind live TV; includes one HD/DVR receiver!

    Over 200 Channels! - See full channel guide. 


    Cable TV Digital Standard Def Receiver

    Provides all of your digital cable networks to a second television.


    Cable TV Digital High Def/DVR Receiver

    Delivers HD channels plus a DVR to record your favorite series, movies and programs.




    Monthly Price

    Cinemax Multiplex

    Cinemax/ 5 channels including 1 in HD


    HBO Multiplex

    HBO Movie Package with HBO Family & HBO Comedy/ 7 channels including 1 in HD


    Showtime Unlimited

    Showtime, The Movie Channel & Flix/ 12 channels including 2 in HD


    Starz & Encore Super Pak

    Starz & Encore - two in one!/ 14 channels including 1 in HD


    Premium Movie Package Bundle

    Premium Movie Package Bundle/ Get all 4 premium movie packages for one low price!


    Internet TV with exclusive local network channels. Consolidate your TV experience to your Roku player or Roku TV device.



    Monthly Price

    Skitter TV Basic

    Get Skitter TV & get a FREE Roku
    View the Skitter TV channel Line-up HERE


    Skitter TV BEK Now

    BEK Prime, 247, Weather, Extra and Livestock channels, produced in North Dakota by BEK Broadcasting

    View the Skitter TV channel Line-up HERE


For Video Closed Captioning Immediate Assistance: Call 701-839-2121, Fax 701-837-4000, or email email@srt.com. For more topics visit our TV Support Page