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Universal Telecommunications Service

Under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, “universal service” means basic telephone service to all consumers. Universal service is voice grade access to the telecommunications network, including local usage at no additional charge, access to emergency 911 services, and toll limitation service to qualifying low-income consumers. All of these services are available from SRT Communications in these service areas: Antler, Berthold, Butte, Carpio, Deering/Granville/Norwich, Des Lacs, Donnybrook, Glenburn, Karlsruhe, Landa, Lansford, Martin, Maxbass, Metigoshe, Minot, Minot AFB, Mohall, Newburg, Sawyer, Sherwood, South Prairie, Tolley, Towner, Upham, Velva, and Westhope.


Effective January 1, 2017, monthly charges

for these universal services are:

Basic local residential service               $21.96 - $23.46
(Including extended area service to
designated nearby service areas)

(Basic local service rates vary
among exchanges)

Access to emergency service                 No additional charge
(Local government may assess a fee to
pay for special equipment)

Toll Blocking                                        $2.00

Low-income Programs:

Lifeline (Broadband or Voice Lifeline discount)                   $9.25
(Toll blocking to prevent long
distance calls from your phone
is available at no charge                          
to qualifying low-income consumers)

Enhanced Lifeline                                 up to $25
(additional monthly discount)

available to customers who live
on Tribal Land                                        

Enhanced Link-Up                                100% of       

available to customers who live                 connection
on Tribal Land                                         charges up to $100

Fixed Federal, State and Local Prescribed Charges:

Federal Subscriber Line Charge:
Residential & Single Line Business       $6.50

Multi-Line Business                              $9.20

Universal Service Contribution Factor   16.7%

Telecommunications Relay Service        $.04

E911 Emergency Services                      $1.00 - $1.50



Updated Aug. 2015