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Wireless Terms and Conditions

SRT Wireless Service
Terms, Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy for End Users

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the provision of Service by SRT Wireless to you, our customer. This agreement is effective from the time that we accept your request to activate Service to your Wireless phone.


Service is subject to transmission limitations caused by atmospheric or topographical conditions, and may be temporarily limited, refused, interrupted as necessary for the proper operation of the service.

Use of Service

You agree not to resell the service or use the unit or service for any unlawful or abusive purpose as to create damage or risk to SRT business, reputation, employees, facilities or to the public in general. You have no ownership rights to the phone number. SRT may change the number with notice but without Subscriber consent.


If you default on your balance due to SRT, you will reimburse SRT for the cost of collection, as well as any attorney's fee and similar expenses incurred by SRT. Payment terms of your account are as follows: Total balance due 17 days after the receipt of the bill; If remittance is not received within 30 days, a notice will be sent asking for remittance; If remittance is not received within 10 days, the service will be terminated. In order to reactivate the service, the outstanding balance must be paid in full, a reactivation fee must be paid and SRT may charge a deposit at the time of reactivation.


SRT may, at its discretion, require you to make a suitable deposit. Even if you have given SRT a deposit, you must pay your bill in a prompt manner. Your deposit plus interest will be refunded after 12 months of satisfactory payment activity. Also, if a deposit is required, SRT may also restrict roaming privileges and interstate long distance calling. These restrictions may be lifted after six (6) months of positive on-time payment activity.

Billing and Payment of Charges

You will pay all charges for services furnished to you, including regular monthly service charges (access and service features) and usage charges for all calls processed through your unit or through any number assigned to you. Usage charges include charges on 1-minute basis for calls that are sent from or received by your unit, LD charges for calls you make from our local calling area to points outside our local calling area, additional charges assessed by a PCS or cellular service provider for calls that are sent from or received by your unit when you are outside our local calling area and any applicable other charges (i.e. directory assistance). Your monthly service and features may be prorated based on a 30-day calendar month in the first month of service. SRT bills in 1-minute increments. Billing charges start from the time you press send or talk until the time you press "END". Rate plan changes cannot be accomplished in the middle of a billing cycle. The rate plan change will be accomplished at the beginning of the next billing cycle. You may pay for your account with a Visa or MasterCard. Late payment charges may apply. You will be charged a returned check fee of $25.00 for any checks returned for insufficient funds.


Any applicable use, public utility or other taxes, fees or charges imposed on SRT as a result of providing the service or the unit to you will be added to your charges when required by law. If you have been granted tax exempt status by any taxing agency, you must provide SRT with adequate documentation before we will honor that tax exempt status.

No Warranties

SRT expressly disclaims warranties of any kind, including implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Subscriber's remedies, if any, are expressly limited by SRT's state tariff on file with the North Dakota Public Service Commission.

Limitation of Liability

The liability of SRT for losses or damages arising out of errors, omissions, interruptions, delays, or defects in any of the services or facilities provided by SRT shall be limited to a pro rata abatement of the charges payable by the customer for the period during which the services or facilities were affected by the error, omission, interruption, delay, or defect. SRT will have no liability for interruptions or outages of services of 24 hours or less. Under no circumstances will SRT be liable for lost profits, loss of business or any other incidental or consequential damages of any kind or nature arising out of or related to the providing of or failure to provide service. SRT is not liable for any damages resulting from, or in connection with, any interruption or failure of 911 or E911 emergency services; or identification of the number, address or name associated with any person accessing such emergency services from your phone.


All sales are final; SRT may, at its option, authorize returns, or refund the purchase price of equipment less any restocking or programming charges.


Acceptance of the unit and the associated service means that you accept all of the aforementioned terms and conditions. 

Long Distance Calls

Calls which originate in the SRT Wireless local coverage area may call all 50 US states at $.15 per minute ($.08 per minute for bundled subscribers) and Canada at $.30 per minute. Calls which originate "outside" the SRT local coverage area would be roaming on other carriers, generating roaming minutes and long distance charges. If you have questions concerning these rates, please contact SRT at 701-858-1200.