Photo of Customers at Last year's Annual Meeting Front Door



elected directors

District 1
Allan Engh, Sherwood

District 3
Stuart Rothe, Newburg

District 2
Tom Jespersen, Velva

District 4
Benjamin Robertson, Minot

District 1


Allan Engh

sherwood (Incumbent)

  • SRT Director since 1998
  • Serves on Annual Meeting, Scholarship, and Economic Development Committees
  • Former Mayor of 16 years for the city of Sherwood
  • Former owner of Engh Hardware in Sherwood
  • Rural Development Finance Corporation board member
  • Proud grandparent to nine and father of four
  • Resides in Sherwood with his wife, Connie

District 2


Tom Jespersen

velva (Incumbent)

  • SRT Director since 2019
  • Serves on Annual Meeting, Strategic Planning, and Building Committees
  • Owner of ABCDJ’s Solar Company
  • Recently retired, Energy Services and Rural Development Manager at Verendrye Electric Cooperative
  • Volunteer on the Velva Rural Fire Department
  • Current member of The Association of Energy and Engineers
  • Resides in Velva with his wife, Cheryl, and three of their nine children

District 3


Stuart Rothe

Newburg (Incumbent)

  • SRT Director since 2019
  • Serves on Board Policy & Compensation and Capital Credit Committees 
  • Grain farmer in the Newburg area
  • Current Vice President of the North Central Electric Cooperative Board
  • Board member of Kane Township for more than 20 years
  • Resides in Newburg with his wife, Angie, and has three children

District 4


Benjamin Robertson

Minot (Incumbent)

  • SRT Director since 2019
  • Serves on Scholarship, Capital Credit, and Economic Development Committees
  • Co-owner of a private practice counseling business 
  • Resides in Minot with his wife, Auburn, and their five children