Bingo turner in the background



SRT Bingo is here! Bingo cards were sent out in May bill statements and to SmartHub Paperless Bill customers. Didn’t get one? Call us to get one sent to you and play along at home for your chance to win great prizes. Don’t forget to “Like” our page or check back here to receive updates and for winning eligibility. Good luck!

Notice you have two N numbers that are the same? Due to a printing error in which every bingo game piece was printed with a duplicate N on the left side bingo card, we will be honoring double number bonuses: when your double number is called, you get two spaces instead of one!

Weekly Bingo Numbers

Note: All 5 portable grills have been awarded to four corner bingo winners!

All 40 gift card prizes have also been awarded for straight bingos, but keep playing for great blackout bingo prizes!

Week of August 10-14

Monday – O71

Week of August 3-7

Monday – N33

Tuesday – B6

Wednesday – I16

Thursday – G53

Friday – B13


Week of July 27-31

Monday – G49

Tuesday – N45

Wednesday – I30

Thursday- G59

Friday – B5


Week of July 20-24

Monday – O64

Tuesday – O65

Wednesday – I24

Thursday – B7

Friday – I29


Week of July 13-17

Monday – I27

Tuesday – B1

Wednesday – B15

Thursday – I17

Friday – I18


Week of July 6-10

Monday – G46

Tuesday – O70

Wednesday – N32

Thursday – G55

Friday – O63


Week of June 29-July 3

Monday – N42

Tuesday – N34

Wednesday – O74

Thursday – B14

Friday – Office Closed, No New #


Week of June 22-26

Monday – G51

Tuesday – N43

Wednesday – O66

Thursday – N37

Friday – N40


Week of June 15-19

Monday – B12

Tuesday – O72

Wednesday – I21

Thursday – I20

Friday – G56


Week of June 8-12

Monday – N39

Tuesday – O62

Wednesday – I26

Thursday – N36

Friday – O67


Week of June 1-5

Monday – I28

Tuesday – G57

Wednesday – O73

Thursday – I23

Friday – G54

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