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October is National Co-op Month!!! There are over 40,000 cooperatives that reside in the United States, and many of their members belong to more than one cooperative. Cooperatives also generate jobs within the communities they serve, providing local opportunities for people. Our employees are made up of people who are your family, friends, and neighbors. That’s definitely something to celebrate!

The 2020 Co-op Month theme for SRT this year is “Keeping You Connected, It’s Why We Do What We Do.” Keeping you connected isn’t just our job, it’s our mission. This year has shown us the important role technology plays in keeping us connected to work, school, friends and family. This spring we asked customers to share photos of how they were using Internet to stay connected without leaving home. Online music lessons, Zoom meetings from the dining room table, video chatting with loved ones and friends, and musicians and artists freely sharing their talents were just a few examples of how people were using SRT Internet.  Watching and hearing stories of innovation and connection refreshed our drive and commitment to exceed the communications needs of our members, which not only applies to Co-op Month but also our commitment to our members all year round!!!

Cooperative Principles
1. Voluntary and Open Membership
2. Democratic Control
3. Members’ Economic Participation
4. Autonomy and Independence
5. Education, Training and Information
6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives
7. Concern for Community

Co-op Month Daily Gift Card Winners

As part of Co-op Month celebrations, we are randomly drawing one SRT member every day in October to win a $20 Visa Gift Card! It’s our way of thanking our SRT cooperative members. Check back here and on Facebook for the list of winner names to see if you’ve won!
Month of October:
1 – Marvin K.
2 – Ruth H.
3 – Robert B.
4 – Chris B.
5 – Marilyn N.
6 – Clarence D.
7 – Steve L.
8 – Lauren H.
9 – Jim S.
10 – Roger Y.
11 – Michael P.
12 – Alex Z.
13 – Nolan P.
14 – Tim K.
15 – Lois L.
16 – Arlen S.

17 – Zane Z.
18 – Jennifer M.
19 – Allen Z.
20 – Myron S.
21 – Doug C.
22 – Dave P.
23 – Joyce V.
24 – Cody G.
25 – Ron B.
26 – Reed M.
27 – John M.
28 – Terry G.
29 – Randy H.
30 – William M.
31 – Janice M.