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70 Years of Reflection and Thanks

National Coop Month is recognized every October. This month is especially noteworthy for SRT as we celebrate our own 70th anniversary. That’s 70 years of connecting friends and family, promoting business in the region, supporting technology in classrooms, providing access to healthcare, and bringing new forms of culture and entertainment to our members. During this national observance and SRT milestone, we’d like to thank the members we serve and the communities we call home.

Our belief that all people should have access to the same telecommunications service – regardless of where they live – is at the core of our cooperative. In 1951 SRT began bringing the latest tools and technology not only to townspeople but to once-isolated rural farms, enriching the unique quality of life in this region with in-place connections to the world. We have innovated every year since, marked by our achievement in 2017 as a Certified Gig-Capable Provider. And more is still to come.

Although much has changed over the past 70 years, our commitment to serving our members remains. On this anniversary of SRT, we express our gratitude and wish you a happy National Co-op Month.


Let's Celebrate Together!

Join us as we thank our members all month by connecting with the communities we serve.  Watch for our upcoming tour throughout the SRT districts that form the backbone of our membership and our network. We’ll be visiting familiar locations in several towns, bringing games, fun facts, and chances to win great prizes. NEXT STOPS:  Newburg on October 28th and SRT Headquarters in Minot on October 29th. Watch our Facebook page for details!

A Cooperative History

Since Minnesota’s first state declaration of an official Coop Month proclamation in 1948, October became a nationally recognized annual celebration in 1964. And the first theme was a fitting one: “Cooperatives: USDA Helps Build a Better America.”

Cooperative Principles

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership
  2.  Democratic Control
  3.  Members’ Economic Participation
  4.  Autonomy and Independence
  5.  Education, Training, and Information
  6.  Cooperation Among Cooperatives
  7.  Concern for Community


SRT was founded on these principles 70 years ago, and we’ve had the privilege of providing high quality communication services to our residential and business customers ever since. Today we are the largest telecommunications cooperative in North Dakota.

More than 40,000 coops dot the United States, generating jobs within the communities they serve and providing local opportunities for residents. Our employees include your family, friends, and neighbors.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you and be part of the places you call home.