Annual Meeting Infomation page



Procedure for the Nomination of Directors

The purpose of the SRT Annual Meeting is to elect directors to the Board of Directors and hold a business meeting of the cooperative. Directors are elected to serve a three-year term. SRT’s twelve-member Board of Directors represent our service area throughout the year by attending monthly board meetings, serving on state associations, attending community events, and representing SRT on national telecommunications issues. Beginning August 16, 2021, the following steps must be taken if you are interested in becoming a candidate for election as an SRT director. 


1. A Nomination of Directors Petition Form, indicating the director district, must be obtained from SRT Headquarters (principal office of the Cooperative) located at 3615 North Broadway in Minot.

2. Fifteen (15) or more members from the same district from which the nomination is being made must sign the written petition.  Important Note:  A husband and wife constitute one membership.  Either spouse may sign this petition as a member.  However, the signature of a husband and wife on this petition may only be counted as one of the fifteen (15) members necessary to nominate a director.

3. All nominations by petition must be received at SRT Headquarters located at 3615 North Broadway in Minot no earlier than August 16, 2021 nor later than September 13, 2021 by 5:00 PM.  Petitions postmarked before September 13, 2021 but arriving by mail after September 13, 2021 cannot be accepted

4. All nominations by petition are subject to verification of membership of signatories.  Once verification is complete, the candidate will be notified and their name will appear on the ballot at SRT’s Annual membership meeting.  Nominations for director candidates will not be accepted from the floor at the annual meeting.

SRT’s Annual Meeting will take place on October 14, 2021.