Want to know what to expect when you get fiber to your home?

There are many steps that go into the process of getting fiber optic cable to your home so you can get faster internet. This process can seem confusing or time consuming. We want to help make it easier to see how it all works by giving an inside look on what happens within various SRT departments to get fiber internet installed. Watch this video to learn what goes on to get fiber to your home!

The SRT fiber network is growing fast. Find out if you have fiber in your area!

Available Now: Construction and connecting customers to the SRT fiber network is complete in the areas listed below.  Have you test driven Gig! Internet yet?  You can. You should.

Actively Connecting Customers: Construction is complete in the following areas.  Now SRT is calling to schedule in-home or business appointments to make the final customer connections to the SRT fiber network.  Expect new equipment to be installed inside and outside your residence or business.   If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your Internet, now is the time.  The cleanup process is also underway.  Expect old network pedestals and equipment to be removed.  Contractors will also be patching up disturbed lawns and landscaping.

Under Construction: Crews are burying fiber optic lines to customer homes and businesses.  This part takes time, patience and good weather.  Once the lines are in the ground, a new crew moves in to splice them all together.  Expect utility locating, temporary utility flags & paint, dirt work, vault installation, boring machines and contractor vehicles.  This step in the process can take a few months to over a year before the network is fully constructed and ready for all of the customers in each predetermined area.

Remaining Minot area customers are being contacted by SRT to assess home and business preconstruction installation needs as fiber routes and equipment orders are planned.  If not, please expect to be contacted soon.