SRT Broadband Internet customers are encouraged to use SRT provided modems or gateways.

At no additional charge, SRT provides customers with a single modem or gateway needed to provide Broadband Internet service that is compatible with SRT’s Broadband Internet network.  The modem or gateway may provide Ethernet and/or WiFi connectivity options for the customer’s devices to connect.  Ethernet connectivity will depend on the customer’s provided home or business wiring and equipment.  WiFi connectivity will depend on the customer’s equipment and wireless environment.  

SRT customers may use devices of their choice (PC, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV, etc.) to connect to SRT Broadband Internet service using the wiring at their home or business, or using WiFi connected to their SRT Broadband Internet service (connection options vary based on device capabilities).

All devices must also be used in a manner consistent with SRT’s Internet Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, which is available at